Save the Beatles!
The Rescued Albums: 1970-1982

Beatle fans have spoken!

"I found this book truly fascinating. The author's premise is entirely correct. This is a fascinating must-read for the true fan."

"It's a fantasy, and it's a really fun fantasy..."

"The appendices provide meticulous research every fan will find new and interesting."

"I loved the analysis of the Beatle recordings...and the brutal-but-honest evaluation of their solo careers."

"The part where he analyzes the song sequence on Beatle albums is fascinating, showing how stronger songs would be positioned by George Martin and why song sequencing was so important."

"These 'new' albums work really well!"

"The author pulls no punches when discussing the weaknesses of the solo years either."

"The great thing about [this book] is it leaves you appreciating their solo output all the more, which in itself is a great achievement."

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